Kyle Bauckman, PhD

I am interested in the role of iron in urinary tract infections and autophagy. I am investigating the phenotypic response of pathogenic and nonpathogenic E. Coli in response to iron. This is specifically focused on the response of the host to both the bacteria and iron. I received my doctoral training at Moffitt Cancer Center at the University of South Florida in the lab of Dr. Meera Nanjundan. My thesis work involved characterizing the role of iron in gynecological cell lines. This involved the elucidation of a Ras mutation that induced iron sensitivity leading to cell death. Other work involved developing and characterizing a normal endometriotic cell line. My research goals during my time in Indira Mysorekar’s lab will focus on further developing my knowledge of iron in cell biology. I am specifically interested in the relationship of iron and the autophagic pathway (otherwise known as ferrotinophagy). My goals include (1) determining a role for iron in UTIs; (2) determining if iron induces autophagy in bladder cells; (3) showing an association between autophagy, iron, and UPEC bacteria; and (4) showing a potential use for iron chelators for clinical studies.    

Authors: Bauckman KA, Haller E, Flores I, Nanjundan M 
Title: Iron Modulates Cell Survival in a Ras and MAPK Dependent Manner in Ovarian Cells
Journal: Cell Death and Disease
Publication Date: February 2013

Authors: Dutta P, Bui T, Bauckman KA, Keyomarsi K, Mills GB, Nanjundan M
Title: EVI1 splice variants modulate functional responses in ovarian cancer cells
Journal: Molecular Oncology
Publication Date: February 2013

Authors: Kodigepalli KM, Dutta PS, Bauckman KA, Nanjundan M
Title: SnoN/SkiL expression is modulated via arsenic trioxide induced activation of the  PI3K/AKT pathway in ovarian cancer cells
Journal: FEBS Letters
Publication Date: January 2013

Authors: Bauckman KA, Campla C, Nanjundan M
Title: Dysregulated TGF beta signaling in Ovarian Cancer 
Journal: Ovarian Cancer (Book Chapter, InTech)
Publication Date: 2012