Women's Reproductive Sciences Research Mission

Outstanding research in women’s health and reproduction from a translational perspective is scant at best. Key steps in a woman’s life cycle are still poorly understood, and many reproductive diseases are underrepresented areas of investigative science. As a result, medical therapeutics for pathologic women’s illnesses lag behind our knowledge of general medicine. Increasing and enhancing research in this area will ultimately lead to improved women’s health worldwide.

It is our vision to have a division of translational investigators, all dedicated to performing outstanding basic and translational women’s research studies in order to improve women’s overall and reproductive health. Our goals will be to identify the most critical areas of current women’s health research; to collaborate with others in the Washington University community and thus reinforce research efforts in these areas; to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations to fill in the knowledge gap; to enhance educational opportunities in reproductive sciences; and to establish a community of Women’s Reproductive Science Research at Washington University. 

To do this, we will expand our critical mass with both junior and senior faculty. Our recruits will target in the areas of infectious disease, uterine biology, genomic/genetics and gamete biology. New members will actively recruit postdocs and students because these young people will ensure sustainability of these efforts. We will expand OB/GYN representation on institutional committees by recommending our junior faculty for positions; by continuing our seminar series and involving more of the Washington University community; by attracting a diverse list of speakers; and by creating more opportunities for resident/translational science PI interactions through talks and events. By pursuing these goals, we hope to reinforce our collective and common interests in women’s health.