Epidemiology Biostatistics Seminars

General Topic

Seminar Topic Hrs LECTURER
CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY Overview of Research Design 0.5 MACONES
Experimental Studies Randomized Controlled Trials 1.0 MACONES
Observational Studies Cohort, Case-control Cross-sectional and Ecologic Studies 2.0 MACONES
Systematic Reviews of Medical Evidence Decision Analysis 3.0 MACONES
Economic Analysis MACONES
Meta-analysis and the Cochrane Collaboration PEIPERT
Outcomes and Health Services Research PEIPERT
Outline of Evidence-based  Medicine U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Levels of Evidence 0.5 PEIPERT
Tools for Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Assessments Epi-Info 6.0, MedLine, Cochrane Library and Other Data Sources 1.0 PEIPERT
Exploratory Analysis and Data Reduction Summary Measures (mean, median, sd, etc.) 1.0 ALLSWORTH
Graphical Representation of Data ALLSWORTH
Principles of Estimation and Testing Point Estimates and Standard Errors 1.0 MACONES
Confidence Interval Estimation MACONES
Hypothesis Testing (p-values, type I and type II errors, sample size calculation) MACONES
Measuring and Testing Association Continuous Variables: Pearson and Spearman Correlations, T-tests, Rank Sum Test, Log Rank Test) 2.0 PEIPERT
Categorical Variables: Odds Ratios, Relative Risks, Pearson’s Chi Square, Fisher’s Exact Test PEIPERT
Adjusting for Confounding PEIPERT
Principles of Regression Continuous Data: Linear Regression 3.0 ALLSWORTH
Binary Outcomes: Logistic Regression ALLSWORTH
Survival Analysis and Proportional Hazards Regression ALLSWORTH
Assessing Model Fit and Checking Validity of Assumptions ALLSWORTH
Special Topics Dealing with Missing Data, Loss to Follow-up, etc. 1.0 ALLSWORTH