Reproductive Health Research Seminar

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Women’s Health Research Seminar Series

Conference Room 10A/B – BJC Institute of Health

Fridays, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.


9/26/14      Dr. Yiping Han, Columbia University
Title: Impact of oral microbiome on adverse pregnancy outcomes
10/3/14      Valerie O’Brien, Hultgren/Lewis Labs, cWIDR, WUSM
Title:  Understanding the consequences of chronic bladder infection
10/10/14     Robin Cutler, Henderson Lab, cWIDR, WUSM
Title:  Better living through chemistry: supercharging antimicrobial defenses with the human urinary metabolome
10/17/14     Mark Longtine, OB/GYN, WUSM, Nelson Lab
Title: The placenta, pomegranate juice, and NDRG1
10/24/14     Jessica Saben, PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM, Moley Lab
Title: Fructose: An underlying cause for metabolic syndrome-associated poor reproductive outcomes
10/31/14     Deb Frank, PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM
Title:  Reproducibility in preclinical research: Are you ready for changes coming from the NIH and journals?
11/7/14       David Olsen, PhD, FRCOG, University of Alberta
Title:  Preterm birth risk: novel assessment and treatment
11/14/14     Ana Flores-Mireles, Hultgren Lab, WUSM
Title:  Novel therapeutic for prevention of Enterococcus faecalis catheter-associated urinary tract infection
11/21/14    Emily Benesh, PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM, Moley Lab
Title:  Elucidating the mechanism of maternal obesity-induced prostate hyperplasia
12/5/14      Monica Mainigi, MD, University of Pennsylvania
Title:  The effect of gonadotropins on placentation and early embryo implantation
12/12/14    Baosheng Chen, PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM, Nelson Lab
Title:  Elucidating the mechanism by which punicalagin protects trophoblasts from injury
1/23/15      Kartik Shankar, PhD, DABT, University of Arkansas
Title:  Mommy Issues:  Maternal Obesity and the Offspring
1/30/15      Rebecca Simmons, University of Pennsylvania
Title:  Pregestational exposure to obesity impairs fetal and placental development
2/6/15        NO SEMINAR  
2/13/15      Sam Mesiano, PhD, Case Western Reserve University 
Title:  Exploiting progesterone to prevent preterm birth
2/20/15      Warren Lewis, PhD, Micro-cWIDR, WUSM 
Title:  Degradation of polysaccharides by bacteria in the female reproductive tract
2/27/15      Joshua Rubin, PhD, Pediatrics, WUSM
Title:  The consequences of sexual selection on cancer rates and therapeutic responses
3/6/15        Sharon L. Hillier, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Magee-Women's Research Institute
Title:  HIV prevention for women:  The global needs
3/13/15      Julie Moore, PhD, University of Georgia
Title:  Pathogenesis of Placental Malaria:  What have we learned?

4/3/15        Kyle Bauckman PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM, Mysorekar Lab
Title:  Ferritinophagy in UTI Pathogenesis

4/10/15      Laura Costa, MD, PhD, OB/GYN
Title:  Biological activities of antigen presenting cells in normal and preeclamptic pregnancy
4/17/15      Monali Prabagaran, PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM, England Lab
Title:  Novel signaling mechanisms that regulate smooth muscle cell activity
5/1/15        Caihong Wang, OB/GYN, WUSM, Mysorekar Lab
Title:  Epithelial autophagy is co-opted by uropathogenic Escherichia coli to persist in the urinary tract
5/8/15        Erin Reinl, and Monali Prabagaran, PhD, OB/GYN, WUSM, England Lab
Erin:  NALCN:  Modulator of Uterine Excitability / Monali:  Novel signaling mechanisms that regulate human myometrial smooth muscle cell activity

5/15/15      Erica Marsh, MD, Northwestern University
Title:  Decoding the Matrix:  Understanding Uterine Fibroids, Their Impant on Women, and Their Pathophysiology
5/22/15      Kory Lavine, MD, PhD, Medicine/Cardiology, WUSM
Title:  Macrophage diversity in cardiac development and heart failure
5/29/15      Julie Rhee, MD, OB/GYN, REI Fellow, Moley Lab
Title:  Diet-induced Obesity Impairs Endometrial Stromal Cell Decidualization; A Potential Role for Impaired Autophagy